METALIQ HAS A SOLUTION for your energy needs

Depending on your needs and requirements, METALIQ can adapt its technology to offer you specialized solutions to make use of green energy and to reduce CO2 emissions.

The scale of METALIQ’s systems is easily adjustable. The modularity of the hydrogen generator design allows the addition of extra hydrogen generators, to fulfill your energy requirements. All this with¬†high reliability and low maintenance costs.

For these reasons, METALIQ’s technology can be part of a wide variety of energy solutions, with different purposes.


Propulsion allows a vehicle to move forward. With METALIQ’s systems any battery operated electrical vehicle like cars, bikes, trucks, submarines, boats, caravan, trucks, aircrafts, unmanned vehicles and so on can:

tent, camping, hills

Stationary Energy

A stationary energy storage system can store energy and release it in the form of electricity when it is needed. METALIQ systems can be useful in the following situations:

electronics, hands, mobile phone

Portable microdevices

METALIQ’s technology is a microreactor technology based on Chemical Water Splitting Reaction that safely generate on-demand hydrogen for portable microdevices allowing: