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METALIQ International has developed the R&D Quincux method. Basically this method helps to break down in know-how units a complex problem, solves every unit separately and finally assembles in order to have the final solution. The break down process and consequently the final assembly is critical for the success. METALIQ International has the expertise to manage this process and it has been proven with results in every project.   Advantages of R&D Quincux Method:

High level of confidentiality for final solution

Efficient involvement of independent specialists

Speed up solution

Easy alternatives evaluation

Avoiding “reinventing the wheel” process

Cost effective approach

Intensive communication with specialists

Record tracking system

Content is transparent to client

Easy development process follow up


Data gathering and analysis to define the problem to solve. 

According to problem definition, the project scope can be defined. Such scope can solve the problem totally or partially. 

Prior to any task execution, the state of the art related to the scope needs to be clearly identiffied in detail (information gathering) 

If the state of the art does not allow to find a direct solution of the problem, the remaining know-how should be developed. For this purpose a set of lab test are defined. 

Lab testing aims to develop new required know-how and test different alternative solutions. 

Once the optimal solution of the defined problem in project scope is satisfactory found, from the testing point of view, a prototype or pilot plant is designed to check if solution found is enough to solve the problem at semi-industrial scale. At this stage it is required to explore  potential scale-up constraints. 

After technical solution is optimized at semi-industrial level the information available is enough to develop the basic engineering package for the industrial solution. Having the basic engineering package is relatively easy to develop detail engineering and built the industrial scale plant.

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