Working for the energy of the future

METALIQ owns patented propietary technology for in-situ hydrogen generation to be used for electricity production or storage. The technology is based on a clean process (noisless and free of CO2 emission) avoiding the use of fossil fuels.

The best performance and sustainable portable power generator ever seen. The technology which easily supplies electricity wherever you go.

METALIQ is a new patented self sufficient in-situ on demand clean Hydrogen generation process. It is based on Hydrogen displacement reaction from water (CWSR) with minimum energy requirement for  generation. Main reagents are alkaline metals, alkaline-earth metals or metal alloys between them in liquid state. By-products are fully recyclable to initial fuel  (sustainable mass balance: zero rejects). No carbon chemistry is involved (NoCO2 generation: Green process). Off-line fuel regeneration can use excess of renewable  generated energy and store it as material for further use (stationary or propulsion utilization).

Advantages of METALIQ Beta2 unit:

Power Supply: 220W @ 230V AC up (enough for the daily needs of house lighting and refrigerators)

Some metals are easily obtainable anywhere in the world


No emission of any greenhouse gases (suitable for indoor use) Reduced energy consumption during Hydrogen generation Avoids any combustion reaction

Less volume needed compares to Hydrocarbons

Reagents are capable of being recycled using clean energy

METALIQ solves the problem of hydrogen supply without storing or consuming energy during its generation. These features are unique in the market. Its use in combination with fuel cells to generate clean energy can be used for vehicles propulsion (land, sea and aerial) as well for stationary applications: UPS, EPS, remote houses, camping&caravaning, boating or portable devices (self-sufficient generators, PCs, tablets and mobile  phones).


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